Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos


Restorable or Not? By the photo evidence you will have answered, yes! We have a large team that specifically deals with smoke, soot, and fire damage restoration... READ MORE

Contained Fire in Hialeah

Contained fires, small fires, either way, still completely dangerous. Anything and everything in the small place was covered in smoke and soot damage. Luckily, ... READ MORE

Contained Fire

After a fire, soot is a common nuisance to any property. A lot of business owners think a fire is highly unlikely. Fires can be caused by a lot of things, such ... READ MORE

Fire, Water, Mold

After a property suffers from a fire, water damage is likely to follow. Water can pool and collect from when the fire was initially put out. If your home has a ... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup

As you can see the soot on these walls indicate a good size fire took place within these walls. Fire damage restoration can be especially stressful because your... READ MORE

Bathtub Restoration

Well, that's not really a thing. Smoke and soot damage restoration on a bathtub is still considered to be part of the home category. SERVPRO of Miami Lakes work... READ MORE

Spraying Down

Here we have an employee providing one of our specialized services that rid your home of offensive odors left by fire or smoke damage. SERVPRO of Miami Lakes se... READ MORE