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A crime scene cleanup is a biohazard cleanup. Even small drops of blood can expose you to a number of blood borne pathogens: HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MRSA... READ MORE

Remove Flood Water

Professional water damage restoration Flood cuts become necessary when a moisture meter reading indicates wet materials beneath the wall. Our team works hard to... READ MORE

Living Room Damage

Water Leak in Miami Lakes A quick response is critical when it comes to water damage. In many cleaning and restoration situations, immediate action is needed. W... READ MORE

Taco Bell

A local fast food chain in Miami Lakes, FL that we all know and love was in need of a little TLC. Taco Bell had a shooting occur inside the store resulting in a... READ MORE

When You Least Expect it

Miami Lakes, FL is composed of over 29,000 people. That's a whole lot of ground to cover for our team. Most of our work is on commercial buildings, such as this... READ MORE

Blue Carpet

Residential property suffering from a second story leak. The water protruded from ceiling, causing the drywall to swells, burst, and then leak. Not too much wat... READ MORE

Secured & Ready

We act quickly to tarp and seal off the damaged areas in your home. It's important to stop the source from spreading as much as possible. In this instance we're... READ MORE

Wood Removed

Outdoor flooding barged into this master bedroom flooring. It's very common for large storms to increase the risk of flooding especially if you have a basement.... READ MORE


Restorable or Not? By the photo evidence you will have answered, yes! We have a large team that specifically deals with smoke, soot, and fire damage restoration... READ MORE

Contained Fire

Contained fires, small fires, either way, still completely dangerous. Anything and everything in the small place was covered in smoke and soot damage. Luckily, ... READ MORE