Photo Gallery

Employee using a moisture meter on carpet.

Find Migrating Water

Moisture detectors are used on each water job to find migrating water. We detect and measure out the best possible solution for your property's restoration. Give us a call for an evaluation of your water damage. (305) 558-6211

Carpet pulled up exposing mold.

Exposed Mold

Ew mold, gross. Before our team pulled up this carpet we knew we would be finding mold. How you ask? Our moisture meters were able to detect moisture hidden underneath the carpet. (305) 558-6211

soot on the floor on a trailer.

Controlled Area

The fire in this photo was contained inside a trailer outside of a home making the damage more controlled. Give SERVPRO of Miami Lakes a shout next time you have fire or smoke damage. (305) 558-6211

Female employee cleaning soot off a wall.

Employee Cleaning

Here we have one of our crew members working hard on a fire and smoke damage restoration project. SERVPRO of Doral not only offers fire damage restoration for your property, but also your belongings.  

SERVPRO employee performing smoke restoration.

Smoke & Soot Damage

Putting out fires always requires a large amount of water to be involved. That's why our team is full of water and fire commercial damage professionals. We are available to you twenty four seven, three hundred sixty five days a year. 

Employees removing soot damage from a wall.

Soot Removal

Commercial fires can come out of nowhere. Fires can be caused by electrical wiring or even a natural disaster. Don't worry, If your business experiences a fire loss and you  call the fire and water damage restoration experts we'll get you back to business in no time!

Wood dresser on green grass with a blue piece of tape on it.

Your Possessions

We offer, Dry Cleaning, Wet Cleaning, Spray and Wipe, Foam Cleaning, Abrasive Cleaning, and Immersion Cleaning for your belongings. Our facility handles smoke damage removal for your furniture whether it may be wood, upholstery, or photos. 

SERVPRO employee cleaning the wall with a mop.

Wall Cleaning

This bathroom was injured by a water leak. Thank goodness the homeowner called SERVPRO of Miami Lakes right away! We were able to get in, assess the damage, and begin our restoration process within the day!

Drywall contents all over the floor, the insulation is exposed.

Damaged Dry Wall

The insulation is exposed in this area due to a large amount of swelling, which came from a water loss. Water damage can come from many different areas. Sometimes its from a storm, water heater leak, or even your dishwasher. 

Room full of tools, an air mover, and debris from the wall cuts.

In the Middle

Our team is in the middle of a water restoration project in this photo. We understand how stressful this can be on you and your house. 

Water loss is very common in households, it's all about being aware of the damage & staying on top of it. 

White walls in a room with a secures taped off ceiling.

Secured Ceiling

This home suffered from a water leak. Our team secured the ceiling incase of any leakage. Here at SERVPRO of Miami Lakes we are water restoration experts. Have no fear, SERVPRO is here! Give us a call today!

Office space wrapped in plastic.

Why is there plastic?

The plastic is for protection. Our team will secure the area before we begin our restoration methods. We care about your possession and want to protect them! Our facility is also equipped to restore any items that may have already been damaged before we arrived. 

Employee under wooden desk moving wires.

We Care

We care about your belongings and your business. Our employees are expertly trained and ready to serve you! This office was restored in no time. Water damage can become a huge mess if not taken care of right away and properly. 

Law Office Door in the entrance of the building.

Law Office

Don't worry, we're not in trouble! They needed our help! Our crew handles everything with care, you can trust us to restore your business! This law office suffered from a water loss that destroyed some files. 

Flooded grey office hallway with grey cubicles surrounding the area.

Office Space Ruined

Flooded office hallway from a large water leak. In a situation such as this one we take great care with your time. We know that the longer our job takes, the longer it takes for your company to get back on its feet. 

Office with a wooden table and with black floors is flooded.

Office Flooded

Multi story building is flooded throughout from a large water loss. Our team worked hard to get this office back open and the employees back to work! SERVPRO of Miami Lakes is the premier leader in water restoration services. 

Black floor covered in dirt.

Dirty Floor

This commercial property has suffered from a large water loss due to a storm. The floors are covered in standing water and dirt. We had this business up and running in no time! Give us a call today. (305) 558-6211

Green air movers sitting on tile.

Second Story

With this project the source of water damage occurred in the upstairs bathroom. Second story water loss untreated can cause a magnitude of problems. SERVPRO of Miami Lakes is the premier leader in water, fire, and mold restoration.

Sliding door has been broken from a heavy storm. There is water damage inside the home and on the carpet.

Broken Glass Door

A sliding glass door broke due to a large storm. The owner of the home called SERVPRO right away for water restoration and cleaning services. 

Water damage is something you don't want to hesitate on reporting. Give us a call today! (305) 558-6211

Toilet was overflowed, there is sewage on the tile.

Sewage on the Floor

A clients toilet has overflowed and created a biohazard mess. When sewage is involved its almost always considered a biohazard cleanup. This entails protective gear for our team and special chemicals to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

Green truck driving around a dumpster full destroyed contents.

Raving Clients!

"I was very pleased by the professionalism of SERVPRO of Miami Lakes. They were very helpful, satisfied all our concerns, and informed me of what actions to take in the matters discussed."

— Carlos N. in Miramar, FL

Water you waiting for?

Our team is available to you and your family 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here at SERVPRO of Miami Lakes we understand how important your property is, that's why we're on scene within the hour! Don't let water damage get you down, call the professionals! 

Professional Extraction

Expert grade air movers and air scrubbers are how our team removes standing water the first time. If not treated right away water loss can turn into a mold growth situation. Don't hesitate to reach out! 

Thermal Imaging Tools

We use thermal imaging to detect water that is unseen by the naked eye. Let us help you! Don't let standing water destroy your property when it could have been avoided. Give SERVPRO a call today!

Commercial Water Damage

Don't let your business suffer, call us! If you reach out to our team immediately we will be on our way in no time to reverse the water damage to your property.

Professional Extraction

Water damage can really sneak up on you. This an important reason to have your water heater regularly maintenanced. Did you know SERVPRO offers these services? You can schedule an annul check up with us! 

Moisture Meter Technology

Is there hidden water in your home? Well, if there is, we'll find it! One of the many reasons SERVPRO uses moisture meters is to find water underneath your flooring and to find the source of the leak. 

Water could be hiding in your Home

Here we have one of our team members working on a commercial water loss. SERVPRO works with water damage everyday. We are the leading experts in water restoration & remediation. Give us a call today! (305) 558-6211