Storm Damage Photo Gallery

How is storm damage reduced?

How is storm damage reduced?

How is storm damage reduced? 

Mother Nature can have a mind of her own, but there are some things you can do to limit the amount of damage your property receives from a storm.

  • Secure outside items.
    • If you know a storm may occur, devoting a few minutes to securing outdoor property can go a long way in keeping those items safe, and preventing them from causing damage to other property. Trampolines, grills, trash cans, canopies/awnings and play equipment are all items that should be secured or brought inside, if possible. Store vehicles inside a garage or under a covered space, if available.
  • Maintain your home and yard.
    • Roof damage is quite common after storms, as they take a beating from wind, hail and snow/ice pack. Making sure your roof is up to par before the next storm will decrease the likelihood of damage. Trimming trees and bushes is also good preventative maintenance, not just for the health of the plants, but in preventing weakened limbs and brush from coming down on your property during a gusty storm.

Storm Damage Causes Leak

There are several important reasons for calling SERVPRO of Miami Lakes' Services after a storm:

- A prompt professional response increases the safety of everyone.

- Responding quickly can minimize property damage and reduce costs.

- Utilizing a qualified crew of technicians will restore your business in an efficient manner.

Water Emergencies

SERVPRO of Miami Lakes is always out and about fixing up properties, especially those that need our help immediately from flooding. Team Jaramillo is available twenty four hours a day to assist with water emergencies!

Heat Lighting

Lightning from a thunderstorm far away from thunder to be heard is called Heat Lighting. The storm may be moving in your direction and when it does call SERVPRO of Miami Lakes. We are available 24 hours a day to help protect and restore your property.

Describe the Damage

Are you currently dealing with flood damage on your property? If you know how the flooding occurred, please describe the damage to us, call: (305) 558-6211 Our team members work around the clock, contact us anytime! 

Dealing with Flood Damage

Are you currently dealing with flood damage on your property? If you know how the flooding occurred, please give SERVPRO of Miami Lakes a call and describe the damage to us! (305) 558-6211

We are available 24 hours a day!

Find Migrating Water

Moisture detectors are used on each water job to find migrating water. We detect and measure out the best possible solution for your property's restoration. Give us a call for an evaluation of your water damage. (305) 558-6211

Wall Cleaning

This bathroom was injured by a water leak. Thank goodness the homeowner called SERVPRO of Miami Lakes right away! We were able to get in, assess the damage, and begin our restoration process within the day!

Damaged Dry Wall

The insulation is exposed in this area due to a large amount of swelling, which came from a water loss. Water damage can come from many different areas. Sometimes its from a storm, water heater leak, or even your dishwasher. 

In the Middle

Our team is in the middle of a water restoration project in this photo. We understand how stressful this can be on you and your house. 

Water loss is very common in households, it's all about being aware of the damage & staying on top of it. 

Secured Ceiling

This home suffered from a water leak. Our team secured the ceiling incase of any leakage. Here at SERVPRO of Miami Lakes we are water restoration experts. Have no fear, SERVPRO is here! Give us a call today!

Broken Glass Door

A sliding glass door broke due to a large storm. The owner of the home called SERVPRO right away for water restoration and cleaning services. 

Water damage is something you don't want to hesitate on reporting. Give us a call today! (305) 558-6211