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Why Mold Grows in Your Home and How To Address the Problem

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

Regularly wipe away moisture to keep mold from growing around the window sill

Why Mold Grows In Your Home?

Mold is found naturally in the environment. It actually helps break down animal and plant matter. The mold then spreads via spores that are transported by animals, air and water. However, excess black mold in your Palm Springs North, FL, home can cause major damage.
If you see a large section of mold in your house, then you probably have a moisture problem. That’s because mold thrives in damp areas. There are numerous possible sources of wetness in your home, including:

  • Condensation
  • Plumbing or roof leaks
  • Kitchen or bathroom steam
  • Poor ventilation of cooking appliances
  • Wet clothes
  • A dryer that vents indoors
  • Flooding
  • Broken pipes or supply lines
  • Humidity

How To Prevent Mold Growth

Some parts of your home are consistently moist and are thus particularly prone to black mold growth. These include window moldings, refrigerator door seals, air conditioners and bathrooms. You should thus clean and dry these areas regularly to prevent mold damage.

Eliminating Mold

If you do notice mold in your house, the first step is to find and eliminate the source of the moisture. Otherwise, the mold will keep coming back.
You can then begin the mold cleanup process. You should discard any porous materials with mold on them, such as carpeting, paper and drywall. You should similarly throw out anything that can't be completely dried.
You may be able to remove smaller patches of black mold on hard surfaces with soap and water. You can also try a strong cleaner. Either way, make sure to protect yourself with an N95 mask and rubber gloves.
If the fungus takes up more than 10 square feet of space, you should call your local mold remediation professionals. Besides thoroughly cleaning and drying your home, they may also restore valuable items.
This black mold cleanup can be costly and time-consuming, however. Your best bet is thus to prevent mold growth by keeping your home as dry as possible.