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4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Biohazard Biohazard Cleaning Biohazard Cleaning at a Condo Unit

Biohazard cleaning is the process of removing, disinfecting and sanitizing materials and/or structures affected by biohazardous waste such as bodily fluids, blood, chemicals, and other substances that poses a threat to humans, animals or the environment.

Although certification is not a requirement to clean up a biohazard loss, due to its potentially infectious nature, it is highly advisable to hire a company who is trained in OSHA standards to remediate safely and properly. SERVPRO of Miami Lakes has been trained in OSHA standards and has an operating permit from the State of Florida Department of Health for Biomedical waste.

Did you know that the final disposal of all biohazardous waste must be in accordance with local state regulations? (See…/standardinterpretations/2009-06-02 for more details). It may seem like you can just mop up the hazardous waste but there are health risks involved if you are not properly protected. If you choose to clean up the mess and dispose of the waste in a regular garbage receptacle, you run the risk of penalties and hefty fines.

We at SERVPRO of Miami Lakes are trained and equipped to restore a property from crime scenes, unattended deaths, filth, hoarding and other infectious hazardous cleaning. We are here to relieve the burden of clean up and restore your home back to clean, sanitary and safe conditions.

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