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Storm, Water, Mold

Storm damage brings water in. Then the water sets in and creates the damage, and mold is waters friend. So mold comes to hang out once waters been making its wa... READ MORE

Flood Aftermath

Expect the unexpected when it comes to storms. In this case there was a flood in the area and it ended up seeping through into this home. The good thing is they... READ MORE

Bathtub Restoration

Well, that's not really a thing. Smoke and soot damage restoration on a bathtub is still considered to be part of the home category. SERVPRO of Miami Lakes work... READ MORE

Spraying Down

Here we have an employee providing one of our specialized services that rid your home of offensive odors left by fire or smoke damage. SERVPRO of Miami Lakes se... READ MORE


If your home hasn't had a good HVAC cleaning or has never been cleaned you need to call SERVPRO of Miami Lakes. Especially if you have had any bad weather in yo... READ MORE

Storm Let it All In

Commercial properties suffer from damage frequently. This specific building suffered from water damage created by a large storm. Storm damage can be tricker th... READ MORE

Anti Microbial Spray

A water leak caused the tile and the padding underneath to become soaked in this home. When water heaters are not regularly maintained they are more likely to s... READ MORE

Dripping Water

Dark grey water damage spots soaking on some grey ceiling tiles. There was a second floor water leak, which not only ruined the floor upstairs but also the ceil... READ MORE

Drilling Holes

Drilling holes to input our inject a dry methods, just one of the many uses of modern technology. The water damage initiated on the second story of this home. I... READ MORE

Water you waiting for?

Seriously though, what are you waiting for? Call SERVPRO now! Dealing water loss can be a dangerous game if you don't deal with it right away. This commercial p... READ MORE